Due to uncertainty and lack of clarification by the Hong Kong Government regarding the sale of CBD products in Hong Kong we have taken the unfortunate decision to cease any sales of our products. We would like to make it abundantly clear that our products adhere to the current Hong Kong legislation. Any recent changes to the legislation have yet to be communicated to us by the relevant Government Authorities. We have not been the focus of the latest targeted approach to CBD companies in Hong Kong and still happy to stand by the quality of our products. Once we are are in a position to unequivocally begin trading with the clarity of confirmed legislation set out by the Hong Kong Government without unknown repercussions, we will do so.



What is CBD?

CBD (Cannabidiol) is a naturally occurring compound that is found in the flowers and leaves of the hemp plant. This compound, alongside hemp's other abundant healing compounds, has become popular for its natural therapeutic qualities.

Though CBD is under the same umbrella as the marijuana plant, CBD does not contain any THC which results in a psychoactive high. Due to it’s non-psychoactive nature and it’s many therapeutic qualities, many people are now seeking out CBD as an alternative to harsher medicines.

Much of the scientific research shows mounting evidence that CBD can provide relief for inflammation, chronic pain, anxiety, depression and other conditions.

How does CBD Work?

To understand how CBD works we must first understand that we have in our bodies an endocannabinoid system. Every mammal has an endocannabinoid system, it helps to manage biological functions such as, pleasure, pain, sleep, memory, appetite and immune responses. When something is amiss with our health endocannabinoids (natural cannabinoids) are released helping to ensure a stable and balanced internal state (homeostasis).

When we take a CBD supplement this provides our bodies with an extra boost to our existing endocannabinoid system, helping you keep in balance.


Does CBD have any side effects?

When you are buying CBD it is important that you get a high quality product and ingredients. Buying CBD from KAMA means that you are doing just that. When you get your CBD from a trustworthy source you can rest assured there will be little in the way of negative side effects. However, with any dietary supplement, there is always the risk of an adverse reaction and/or interaction with medication. Feel free to consult with your medical professional before taking CBD in order to ensure it’s the right fit for you.

Will CBD make me feel high?

CBD from KAMA will not make you high. All of our products are THC & CBN free.

What are the benefits of taking CBD?

There are many benefits you may experience when taking CBD supplements from KAMA. Our customers have reported a decrease in pain and inflammation, muscle fatigue and pain, decreased feelings of anxiety, improved sleep and a sharper focus and memory. There are many more reported benefits from taking CBD, some scientifically proven, others being researched in depth as we speak.


How much CBD should I take?

If you have never taken CBD we recommend taking a small dose to begin with and gradually work your way up to where you feel comfortable. KAMA provides a suggested dosage amount on each of our products to help you with your decision.

Your body weight and your internal chemistry will also affect your tolerance to CBD. It may take some time to fine tune the right dose for yourself. It is important to remain consistent, taking CBD daily, going low and slow to get maximum benefits whilst also fine-tuning the dosage that works for you.

How often should I take CBD?

You can take CBD on a daily basis if you want to gain the maximum benefits it offers. You may also take it on days you are feeling anxious, having trouble sleeping or feel in pain. There really is no right or wrong with how often you take CBD, there is mounting evidence that the more consistent you are the more effective the positive effects are.

What kind of testing is done on your products?

All of our products undergo three rounds of quality testing at a third-party laboratory at both the batch and product level. The tests are to measure purity of the product in addition to the concentration of the CBD. If you would like more information, please contact us.

Is CBD safe?

To date there is no evidence that CBD causes any health related issues which includes any potential for abuse or dependency related problems.

Is CBD safe for pets?

Yes, KAMA has a range of CBD for pets, including dog chews and pet oil. These have been formulated for your pets. The oil can be dropped into your pets mouth or into their ear. The dog chews are an easy way for you to add CBD to their daily routine. CBD for pets can help to support a sense of relaxation, healthy joint mobility, and a normal recovery response.