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Welcome to KAMA CBD!


Welcome to KAMA’s blog! This is our first blog post so we thought we would start off with a little introduction about KAMA and what we are all about! 

KAMA was born after our own foray into CBD. We noticed incredible benefits, including getting a great night’s sleep, being more positive and less anxious, with less pain and a far better focus during the day, a clarity of sorts.

We thought to ourselves, why aren’t more people taking CBD? We decided to create our own brand in Hong Kong, known to be a very stressful city, where it could help with depression and anxiety without the negative side effects from pharmaceutical medicine.



The plants we use for our products are grown in Scandinavia with no GMOs in a clean environment with real sunlight, fresh air and pristine water. They’re then created in the USA under GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices), with rigorous third-party testing. Everything is organically grown and cruelty free, and we also have products that are vegan, kosher and gluten-free. All the products are created using a CO2 extraction method, meaning that the CBD is extracted using CO2 rather than ethanol or butane.


CBD strength and affordability

kama cbd hong kong

We felt the market in Hong Kong had a relatively small range of CBD strength, usually on the lower side. We cater for newbies and those who are more experienced by offering lower and higher strength products. Our 12,000mg tincture is the highest you will find in Hong Kong! Affordability is our other focus. It’s important to note the amount of CBD you’re getting in a product; we felt that value for money wasn’t here in Hong Kong. Our price per mg of CBD is exceptional.


Our logo - KAMA the Chameleon

kama cbd oil hong kong 

The name is an acronym of our own names, but it was also a play on the word “calmer”, which is how we felt after taking CBD – and what we hope others will feel, too. It also fit with our ethos; we saw the chameleon and its ability to change colour as similar to what we wanted our customers to do: change their colours to become better versions of themselves.

KAMA CBD – Helping you to become, a better you.