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CBG 2000mg

CBG 2000mg

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KAMA CBG THC-FREE BROAD SPECTRUM 'RELAX & FOCUS' 2000mg tincture is simply amazing! This is CBG, not CBD, so what is CBG?

CBG is short for Cannabigerol and is known as “The Mother of all Cannabinoids” being the precursor to CBD itself.

CBG is THC free and also Broad Spectrum, an extract that features all of hemp’s naturally occurring compounds and beneficial cannabinoids. Most CBG you will see is Isolate which does not provide the same benefit from the “entourage effect” of other cannabinoids.

CBG is different from CBD in that it helps you focus, great to take during the day it will keep you ready to take on any challenge at work or school. Although not a stimulant, you will notice an increase in energy. Not only that, it is also has benefits that CBD offers, reducing stress, and pain. When you want to increase your mental stamina, productivity and remain calm doing it, CBG is the way to go! Available in our popular Citrus Fresh flavour.

Directions for use:

Using our marked dropper, measure 1ml of CBG for a 66mg dose. This dose is recommended for those with some experience with CBG or CBD. Monitor how you feel after administration and adjust your dose accordingly. 

May help to support:

Focus and concentration

Healthy stress response

Healthy metabolic response

Eye Health


Pain and discomfort



THC & CBN free CBG oil, Organic Flavouring, MCT Oil